The Graduate Certificate in Reading Instruction requires 15 units of graduate-level coursework to complete. If you’re interested in pursuing the Arizona Reading Endorsement, the qualifying courses consist of 6 units of additional study, meaning that 21 units will be required for completion. You can choose to earn either elementary endorsement, a secondary endorsement, or a K-12 endorsement.

The elementary and secondary endorsements require 21 units of credit each, including the required certificate courses in your specialization of choice and 6 units of additional coursework. The K-12 endorsement requires 30 units, involving the completion of all the courses listed below. Each endorsement also requires that students choose an elective course. Please contact us before registering for your elective so we can help you find an approved online course.

Required Certificate Courses (15 units)

  • Certificate in Reading Instruction PhotoLRC 505-Language & Literacy (3 units)
  • LRC 520-Literacy Curriculum and Instruction for Children (3 units)
 (Elementary Endorsement)
    LRC 521-Literacy Curriculum and Instruction for Adolescents (3 units)
 (Secondary Endorsement)
  • LRC 522- Literacy in the Content Areas for Children (3 units)
    LRC 523-Literacy in the Content Areas for Adolescents (3 units)
  • LRC 524-Literacy Assessment (3 units)
  • LRC 525-Literacy Assessment, Instruction and Intervention (3 units)

Required for Arizona Reading Endorsement (6 units)

  • LRC 526-Curricular Leadership in Literacy and Language (3 units)

  • LRC 693-Internship, Practicum (3 units)